We create augmented reality tech for beauty brands.

We are scientists, engineers, and innovators, with 200+ scientific publications and 30+ patents. Over the past 10 years we have focused on creating the most realistic AR try-on capability for the beauty industry. The result is a revolutionary technology that is now used by nearly every major beauty brand in the world.

Latest Update

ModiFace Launches Patented Skin Assessment Platform


Latest Update

Smashbox & ModiFace Use Eye Tracking For +27% Conversions Increase


Latest Update

Estée Lauder Launches Conversational AR Lipstick Advisor Powered By ModiFace


Latest Update

Sephora Updates ModiFace-Powered AR App With AI Color Matching


Latest Update

Estée Lauder Launches ModiFace-Powered AR E-Commerce Previews


Latest Update

ModiFace Enables Beauty AR Live Streaming On Facebook & YouTube



Our main product offerings provide the ability to perform beauty try-on simulations on live video, and to track the face and facial features in precise detail. Please contact us for getting access to our product SDKs.


Real-time Video & Photo SDK for Makeup, Hair, & Skin Simulation

Patented AR SDK features scientifically validated skin assessment and simulation, photo-realistic makeup simulation with dynamic lighting adaption, and photo-realistic hair color and style simulation. Trusted by over 70 of the top global beauty brands, our SDK is the most widely used AR technology in the beauty industry.

Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Web.


Real-time Facial Analysis & Feature Tracking for Videos & Photos

Highly accurate 3D facial feature tracking precisely measures and tracks movements and expressions through 68 unique parameters including lip and eye edges, iris size and location, head pose, as well as skin features including spots, texture, and wrinkles.

Based originally on research at Stanford University, our Face AI SDK is one of the most precise real-time facial video tracking and analysis technologies in the world.


For larger scale partnerships, we provide uniquely customized experiences consisting of beauty AR mobile modules, web e-commerce AR modules, and in-store magic mirror software. Please contact us for learning more about our enterprise solutions.


Fully Custom AR Module for Your iOS, Android, & Windows App

Looking to create a unique and custom mobile AR experience? We will work with you to create a highly customized experience that matches your brand’s goals with precise simulation of your products, all of which will be deeply integrated into your existing application.


HTML E-Commerce Module for Your Web & Mobile Web Product Pages

Enable your customers to see any product on their live video or photo directly on your brand’s product web site and mobile site. Accessible via HTML through any browser, this is our most universal AR offering that can be deployed easily and quickly. Our web AR technology enables personalized product previews which increase time-spend, user engagement, and ultimately, conversions.

Try Estée Lauder Example


Custom AR Software Designed to Match Any In-Store Smart Mirror

Our in-store AR mirror software provides a universal set of features for the most popular smart mirrors on the market. Beauty brands and hardware manufacturers can choose any mirror hardware of their choice and can instantly run ModiFace AR technology adopted to their mirrors.

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