January 7, 2014
ModiFace Launches Photorealistic 3D Augmented Reality Beauty Mirror at CES

Mashable.com coverage: “3D Augmented-Reality Makeup Mirror Could Transform Beauty Shopping”

Motherboard.vice.com coverage: “ModiFace's Augmented Reality Device Offers Consumers an Interactive Platform Designed to Help Them Decide Which Beauty Products They Need”

USA Today coverage: “The (ModiFace) mirror is embedded with all kinds of technology that simulates makeup products, and shows you how they'd look on your face in real-time - without having to upload a photo.”

“CES fan favourites have emerged across Twitter and Instagram to major praise: #5 ModiFace's 3D Augmented-Reality Makeup Mirror”

2D try-on technology has been very popular recently, with both consumers for touching up photos and by beauty brands. In particular, brands have used this technology to increase e-commerce conversions, increase in-store engagement, and amplify mobile shopping.

As the leading try-on technology company with over 30 brands and 100 apps using our technology, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new 3D augmented reality "mirror-like" try-on technology. For the first time, consumers can see skin-care and beauty effects on their face from all angles, and can see the lifting and volumizing effects of products from side-to-side.

This technology will help beauty brands and retailers market their products to consumers standing at cosmetic counters as well as shopping at home. This new proprietary technology, which utilizes Microsoft's Kinect for Windows sensor, can simulate makeup products such as blushes, lipsticks and eye shadows and anti-aging skincare effects such as dark spot correction, facelift, browlift, cheek volume enhancement and jaw contouring on any consumer standing in front of the Beauty Mirror in real time and in full 3D.

The new Beauty Mirror offering applies ModiFace's patented photorealistic skin and shade simulation technology to achieve full photo-realistic 3D simulations shown on camera images, allowing makeup and skincare effects to be displayed on the user's face without requiring a photo upload. Each deployment is customized and precisely calibrated to match the brand's product portfolio. Consumers can:
  • Try any number of cosmetic colors - instantaneously and virtually - simply by tapping a shade palette on the Beauty Mirror screen
  • See the effects of skincare products simulated on a split screen with before and after images showing potential results
  • View all makeup and skincare effects from different angles as they turn their face from side to side
The Beauty Mirror technology is available as a standalone kiosk that includes a touch screen monitor with a camera for in-store use, as well as a mobile app that can be used on a tablet at store counters or on a consumer's own tablet or smartphone.

The 3D Beauty Mirror is a marketing breakthrough for retailers and beauty brands, particularly for cosmetic counters. It is not only a try-before-you-buy tool in the store or at home, but also a way to capture consumers' interest as they walk store aisles. Shoppers who would otherwise walk by without stopping can be instantly drawn in and experiment with shades and effects virtually even if they do not have the time for a hands-on makeup session or if a salesperson is busy with another customer. That makes it a powerful tool for increasing sales.

The ModiFace 3D Beauty Mirror will be demonstrated at our booth at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas (Venetian Ballroom booth #70026).

A sneak preview can be seen at the following links:

Anti-Aging 3D iPad App:

Color Cosmetics 3D Mirror Demo:

Skin-care and Anti-Aging 3D Mirror Demo:
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