ModiFace Makeup Virtual Try On

ModiFace's makeup virtual try on lets your consumers digitally test color cosmetics. Once our technology is added to your website, app, or in a virtual mirror in your store, your user's can simply click "Start my Camera". We'll start up their webcam so they can see their video on screen, and as they click on different makeup shades, they'll instantly see those appear on their face.

We support every makeup category, including:

We also support various platforms, including:

We support a wide range of makeup finishes to ensure every product can be accurately represented, including:

The software comes with a wide variety of features, such as:

Why Choose ModiFace?

ModiFace has been building the highest quality virtual try on experiences possible since 2007. As a member of the L'Oréal family, our specialization in the beauty industry can not be matched. We know beauty and what your consumers are looking for, but we don't stop there. Everything from our file size, load time, frame rate, and tracking accuracy has been meticulously designed to offer the best possible experience. Take a look at our technology page to find out more about why we excel above the competition.


Everything above is included for a single annual license fee, regardless of features, number of platforms or how many products you set up. To learn more, check out our pricing page. Looking for even more features? Take a look at our add-ons below!


Getting Started

Setting Up The Tech

Setting up Makeup Virtual Try On is incredibly easy.

You can leverage our software development kit to create a custom experience that fits your page however you want. The software development kit does all of the heavy lifting, just add our view into your layout, call on it to start the experience from the camera or from a photo, and let it know when you want to switch which product is displaying. You can build your designs and page around our view, and the software development kit takes care of everything else.

Looking for a no code solution? Leverage our embeddable miniprogram to add the experience to your page with just two lines of code. The miniprogram will take over the page so you don't have to set anything up. You can configure everything within our content management system.

Want to learn more? Visit our tech documentation for more details.

Setting Up My Products

You can get your products configured for use with Makeup Virtual Try On in minutes. Take a look at the options we offer you:

  1. Reach out to us to find out if we have the products you carry already configured. Some of our brand partners such a NYX, L'Oréal Paris, Maybelline, It Cosmetics, Lancome, and more have thousands of product SKUs in our system and will let us share those configuration with you!
  2. If we don't have your product, no problem. You can quickly configure them using our content manage system. Just upload your SKU, product name, shade name, and an optional photo, and then use simple sliders to set up a rendering in no time. You can even preview how the product will look virtually as you go.
  3. Looking for an even easier solution? Let ModiFace configure your products for you for a fee per SKU. Just send us a list of products and reference images or the physical products themselves, and we'll ensure they render as closely to real life as possible.


Want to build an even richer experience? Leverage our add on features to keep your users coming back.

Live Scan

Live Scan is a great way to explore looks you love. Point your phone at a friend, a celebrity, or a picture of someone on a magazine. Our technology will extract the makeup applied to let you try on unique styles or advanced lip effects.

Live Scan will then match the colors in the look to the best products from our database that will let you recreate the look you see.

Color Match

Scan a pair of shoes, a dress, or anything else. The ModiFace technology will sort through our catalogue of products to find colors that closely match or clash so your consumers can pick the perfect shade of makeup to fit their look!


Learn how to build a look by following along with animated tutorials. A super easy way to figure out contouring that fits your face, how to build up a smokey eye, and much more!

Build a rich experience with:

  • Overlay animations to show users how to apply the makeup
  • Brush animations to show users the exact motion to use
  • Video guides and pro tips to help users follow along
  • Plus virtually try on the makeup before you recreate it yourself!

Available exclusively to ModiFace's enterprise partners.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today!


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