ModiFace Skin Analysis

Powered by artificial intelligence and supported by decades of scientific research, our Skin Analysis technology provides consumers with a detailed skin assessment from a single image and product recommendations to target their key concerns.

Our technology can detect over 20 skin concerns, including:

  • Fine Lines
  • Deep Wrinkles
  • Global Wrinkles
  • Large Pores
  • Broken Veins
  • Dark Pigmentation
  • Lack of Firmness
  • Lack of Radiance
  • Under Eye Fine Lines
  • Bags Under Eyes
  • Blotchiness
  • Eye Contour
  • Homogeneity
  • Crows Feet
  • Acne

Our Solutions

Our Skin Analysis services offer a customizable experience with a data safe environment. Available across iOS, Android, Web, and more, we offer a selection of skin analysis service options including:

Skin Miniprogram

A skin analysis and product recommendation service that includes a pre-built user experience along with a product recommendation system. Customizable with our content manage system and easy to deploy with only a few lines of code.

Skin Lite

Utilizing the core features from our Skin miniprogram, Skin Lite provides a simple production recommendation by leveraging your platform’s search filters to match consumers with products based on their detected skin concerns.

Skin API

Take advatange of our our core diagnostic technology while having the flexibility to build your own user experience via our Skin API service.

Learn more about our APIs in our tech documentation.

Why Choose ModiFace?

Since joining the L'Oréal family in 2018, we’ve partnered with L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation team along with a team of experts and dermatologists to build the best in class skin analysis technology. Our algorithm has been built and validated using over 10,000 images and can detect skin concerns with a high degree of accuracy. Take a look at our technology page to find out more about why we excel above the competition.

Excellence in Skin Analysis Backed By Scientific Studies READ THE ARTICLE

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Setting up the service is completely free of charge. Once you launch, our licensing fees are based on the usage of the service. To learn more, check out our pricing page.

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