ModiFace Nail Virtual Try On

Tired of choosing a nail color only to be surprised or unsatisfied with the result after your nail polish dries? Look no further than ModiFace’s Nail Virtual Try-On technology! Using our state of the art precision hand tracking, users are now able to try-on their favorite nail shades, virtually, ahead of actually applying the shade on their nails. The technology also gives users the ability to try-on nail art looks with the click of a button. Trying on nail shades virtually takes the guesswork out of picking a color and provides users with a personal and fun experience.

We support various platforms, including:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

The software comes with a wide variety of features, such as:

Why Choose ModiFace?

ModiFace has worked tirelessly to become the leading provider of beauty technology try-on services, backed with 15 years of industry experience. As a member of the L’Oreal family, our specialization in the beauty industry can’t be matched. Together with brands like Essie, ModiFace is able to deliver state of the art solutions that understand your hands and the products you love. We have a deep understanding of all things beauty and know how to deliver the personalized experiences that consumers deserve. Take a look at our technology page to find out more about why we excel above the competition.


Everything above is included for a single annual license fee, regardless of features, number of platforms or how many products you set up. To learn more, check out our pricing page. Looking for even more features? Take a look at our add-ons below!


Getting Started

Setting Up The Tech

Setting up Nail Virtual Try On is incredibly easy.

You can leverage our software development kit to create a custom experience that fits your page however you want. The software development kit does all of the heavy lifting, just add our view into your layout, call on it to start the experience from the camera or from a photo, and let it know when you want to switch which product is displaying. You can build your designs and page around our view, and the software development kit takes care of everything else.

Looking for a no code solution? Leverage our embeddable miniprogram to add the experience to your page with just two lines of code. The miniprogram will take over the page so you don't have to set anything up. You can configure everything within our content management system.

Want to learn more? Visit our tech documentation for more details.

Setting Up My Products

You can get your products configured for use with Nail Virtual Try On in minutes. Take a look at the options we offer you:

  1. Reach out to us to find out if we have the products you carry already configured. Some of our brand partners such a Essie and L'Oréal Paris have hundreds of product SKUs in our system and will let us share those configuration with you!
  2. If we don't have your product, no problem. You can quickly configure them using our content manage system. Just upload your SKU, product name, shade name, and an optional photo, and then use simple sliders to set up a rendering in no time. Check your progress as you go by previewing the nail color and finish, virtually, every step of the way.
  3. Looking for an even easier solution? Let ModiFace configure your products for you for a fee per SKU. Just send us a list of products and reference images or the physical products themselves, and we'll ensure they render as closely to real life as possible.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today!


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