ModiFace Partner Platforms

ModiFace provides an easy solution to bring your virtual try on experiences to the tools where your users are already spending their time. All you have to do is set up your virtual try on in the ModiFace Content Management System, and then we can help you bring all of your effects or even custom campaigns to your favorite social platforms, including:


Let ModiFace turn your virtual try on effects into an organic Facebook filter to show off directly in your feed or as an augmented reality Facebook ad. We’ll port your data directly from the ModiFace CMS, or go for something more advanced and port a full face makeup look. If you’re already set up with our virtual try on, then contact ModiFace to get started on a Facebook effect customized to your branding and needs.


Instagram filters use Meta's most advanced tech, offering solutions such as hair try-on and Instagram shopping catalogues. If you’re already set up with our virtual try on, then contact ModiFace to get started on an Instagram effect customized to your branding and needs.


Meet your users on one of the worlds fastest growing platforms. Our TikTok effects are compact virtual-try-on experiences wrapped in fun visual elements, allowing brands to engage their customers effectively, and organically. Take advantage of TikTok's interactive gestures and more. Just set up your products with our virtual try on, then contact ModiFace to bring your effects to TikTok.


Whether you're looking to build a single product try on, a multicategory buildable look, or something even more unique, Snapchat has you covered. Add in branding and customization to create a truly rich experience. Just choose the products or looks you wish to showcase from the ModiFace CMS, and then contact us so we can get started on creating a Snapchat Lens customized to your needs.


ModiFace also allows you to bring all of your virtual try on effects to Google Search instantly. Once your catalog is configured in the ModiFace CMS, we can make this available to Google’s Search team to surface those same virtual try on results for any product, whenever someone types in a relevant search term. Take a look at the amazing results from Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink, where you can instantly try all the Matte Ink shades on a model, or even click to see it on yourself in live mode.


Your audience is already learning beauty tips, tricks, and routines from YouTube. Leverage your ModiFace data in a YouTube Ad Campaign so users can virtually try your products while they watch relevant content. Try it on on photos or click to try it on live. Contact us to learn more about how to get started.


Our virtual try on is available on WeChat, leverage our WeChat Makeup SDK or our WeChat Hair SDK to build any experience you want inside your WeChat miniprogram. Whether you want a direct integration on your product pages, or want to build a stand alone virtual try on experience, our WeChat SDK is flexible and easy to use. Check out our makeup virtual try on to learn about the rich features available and how to get started, or if you want to bring hair color to your users, learn more here.